Sleepy vs. Exhausted

10 Mar

You may have noticed in this post that I made several references to Germany.  My current obsession with the Deutschland mainly comes from my boyfriend, Sebastian, a.ka. zee German. Yup, I’m dating someone from Germany – no big deal. Except this relationship is starting to become a big part of my life.

Quick background: I met Sebastian while he was studying abroad at Kent State. We became friends and right before he left (I thought we were crazy) we decided to start a long-distance relationship. I’ve seen him twice (in person) since then. First, when I visited Germany last summer, and in January, when he visited the states. Skype has become a lifesaver for us, but we don’t want to date through the computer forever. Sebastian graduates in June (that’s the next time we’ll see each other), and we’re planning to live on the same continent this year. Hopefully the same country. Maybe the same state.

I could probably write an entire series on all the things that play into dating someone from another country (and maybe in the future I will). But for this post, I want to focus on language. Sebastian speaks near-perfect English, which has been very helpful for communication purposes. We usually have no problem understanding each other (now that I recognize his accent), except when I start using American slang. When I say things like, “I need to pull it together” or “I get a kick out of something,” he tends to give me a quizzical look. This always makes me laugh, and I then have to explain what I really mean.

We also have differences in word choice (and this brings me to my post title). There is a six-hour time difference between Germany and Ohio. When I get home from work it’s already after midnight there. Even though Sebastian is usually a little tired, this is when we’re both free to Skype. Near the end of our conversation, he’ll start nodding off, so I’ll ask, “Are you sleepy?” And he answers, “No, just a little exhausted.” And just with the quizzical look, I always laugh, because to me if you’re exhausted, you’re probably feeling a little sleepy.

But all language differences aside, he’s great. And despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship, I look forward to seeing where this will go.

Sleepy Sebastian

And He's Cute Too! (Sleepy Sebastian)

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