Don’t sweat the small stuff

6 Apr

Today, I woke up annoyed.

I was having a bad hair day (thank God for headbands), and there was a giant zit in the middle of my forehead. Then, I got stuck behind someone who didn’t have an E-Z Pass, but decided to go in the E-Z Pass lane anyway (can’t he read a sign). And finally, my tiny bladder (seriously, it’s the size of a golf ball) decided to work overtime today, and I literally had to pee almost every hour.

I was all ready to come home and blog about everything that was annoying me (and I kind of did), but then I just couldn’t be annoyed anymore. When I walked through the door, my mom had a nice dinner ready for me. I had a lovely Skype date with the boyfriend. Then, I worked out and all those endorphins started kicking in. I was feeling so good that I didn’t get irritated when my Dad asked for computer help, and I even went out of my way to give Dante (our dog) his favorite treat.

Everyone gets annoyed (it happens), but as I was reminded today, it’s silly to get worked up about it.

Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff  :-)

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