It’s a country way of life

8 May

One of the things I love about my life is growing up on a farm. No, not the farm you’re thinking of… I didn’t get up before school and milk cows or own horses (well, we did have a pony once). My dad has a regular job, but he grew up farming and decided it was something he wanted to continue doing. We all jokingly call it his hobby. Maybe it’s crazy to have farming as a hobby, but the truth is I’m glad he does.

Sure there were times when I hated it. Like when it was hay season or getting up early to pick sweet corn or coming home from school and selling pumpkins. But I also got to experience so many amazing things. Like watching a baby calf be born or riding a pony or collecting fresh chicken eggs or most importantly, spending quality time with my Dad.

With being away at school, and working most summers, I haven’t been able to help out on the farm in awhile. However, today I climbed back up on the tractor with my Dad and helped him out on the farm. We only moved some equipment around, but it was nice spending time with him and brought back a lot of memories.

It’s days like these when I realize that it really is the simple joys in life that make you the happiest.

Our Farm

Our Farm

P.S. I know this post was kind of about Dad, but Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for making my life beautiful.

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