My blogging hiatus

6 Jul

My first night in Germany

Holy cannoli! I didn’t write a single post during the month of June! But with good reason. First of all, I was hardly home, and when I was, there certainly wasn’t time for blogging. The beginning of the month was filled with getting ready for vacation. That meant tying up loose ends at work and making sure everything was organized. Then of course there was all the packing.

On June 9 I jetted off to Germany for my euro-vacation. It was over in a flash and I came back to a lot of work on June 20. Then I headed off to Asheville, NC for a conference for one of my clients. When I returned, I was busy helping my Mom get ready for our big family reunion, which took place this past weekend. We still have friends that are staying at our house, but they’ll head home tomorrow. That doesn’t mean we’ll be any less busy.

Fabiana, a foreign exchange student from Venezuela who lived with me my senior year of high school, is finally coming to visit. She’s my other sister. I haven’t seen her in five years, so I’ll be eager to spend lots of time with her. All this being said, I have a lot of blog posts to write. In the coming weeks you can look forward to posts about my trip to Germany, the family reunion, maybe an Asheville post and of course my time with Fabi.

So stay tuned! :-)

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