What every girl wants

15 Nov

If you follow me on Twitter – or here, or Facebook – you know that I love talking about my boyfriend and how wonderful he is. My friends tell me I’m lucky, and I often tease and ask, “Want me to find you a cute, German boy?”

But the truth is, my boyfriend isn’t great because he’s German (or because he’s cute). He’s great because he’s thoughtful, caring, truthful and loves me no matter what. And that’s what every girl wants. We don’t need diamonds or presents (although those things are nice). We just need someone to be there, love us and treat us how we deserve to be treated.

So to all my single sisters out there, don’t get discouraged. Mr. Right is out there, and who knows, maybe he will be a cute, German boy.

P.S. Sebastian is here in three days! Can’t wait!

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