The packing list

19 Dec

As I get ready for my third trip abroad, I’ve noticed that my packing skills have improved. When I was younger, I’d pack the night before, often staying up into the early hours of the morning – and guaranteeing exhaustion for the day of travel ahead. Now I’m getting smarter. I start packing a week before the trip and do my laundry ahead of time.

I still overpack a little. Hey, a girl has to have options. Am I right? But even with the slight overpacking, my suitcase is always organized and neat. I like to think this is due to my packing list. This may sound odd, but I make a list of every single item I will put in my suitcase. I also organize the list into categories. The main ones are bathroom items, clothing, technology and shoes (yes, I always bring too many shoes).

The list guarantees that I don’t overlook something, and I feel a sense of satisfaction as I place items in my suitcase and cross them off the list. In case you’re wondering where I’m heading this time, I’ll be spending a few days in Amsterdam and heading to Berlin for New Year’s Eve.

The tricky part now is fitting all my heavy, winter clothes in one suitcase (and one very large carry-on). Here’s to crossing items off the list!

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