A happy memory

24 Jan

When the weather is cold and gloomy, I like to think back to warmer days and happy memories. This past June, I traveled to Germany for Sebastian’s graduation. Afterward, we spent three glorious days in Mallorca, Spain. Here is one my favorite memories from that trip:

It was our second night in S’Arraco and we had spent the entire day at the beach in Sant Elm, soaking up the sun. It was one of those really perfect days when the weather was spectacular and the water temperature just right. There’s something rejuvenating about lying on a towel, listening to your iPod, feeling the warm sand between your toes – it just makes you happy.

{Sant Elm}

After a relaxing day, we came home and decided to make shrimp alfredo for dinner. Sebastian started preparing the meal, and I began setting the table out on the terrace. It was a warm night, but the village was quiet, and I enjoyed watching the sun set and playing with the house cat. I sat at the table and smiled as I listened to Sebastian singing while he cooked.


When everything was ready, we set out our feast. Fresh bread, tomatoes with mozzarella and of course the shrimp alfredo. We ate until we were stuffed and sat there talking while the candle burned down. When the temperature had cooled down outside, we cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

{dinner is served}

{homemade shrimp alfredo}

A perfect day, a yummy meal, a happy memory.

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