Get your running shoes on

6 Jun

During the past few weeks, I took a little blogging hiatus and a workout hiatus as well. What can I say? I was enjoying spending time with my boyfriend and our glorious vacation in the Dominican Republic (more to come on that later). There wasn’t much time for blogging or running.

Now that I’m back to work (sad face) and Sebastian is back in Germany (super sad face) it’s time to get back to my normal routine. So this week I started running again, and I honestly can’t believe how much I missed it. I decided to get back into shape this spring, and for the first time in a long time, I crave running again. It’s a great feeling.

I came home from work tonight, put on my Asics and ran a solid three miles. And to add to it, I just realized today is National Running Day. What a  nice little way to celebrate the holiday and my renewed love for running.

Cheers to a good run and all those endorphins. What do you love about running?

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