Life could be a lot worse

22 Jun

This was the phrase I heard over and over from Sebastian during our vacation in La Romana. And he was right – life could have been a lot worse. Our stay in the Dominican Republic was relaxing, romantic and so much fun.

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in La Romana, about two hours from Santo Domingo. Staying at this type of resort wasn’t the best way to explore the country, however our main goal was to relax, and that’s exactly what we did.

{pictures taken during the car ride to the resort}

We spent a good part of the first day exploring the resort. The complex included three pools, tropical gardens, eight restaurants, several activity areas and a beautiful beach. Our favorite spot quickly became the infinity pool with the swim-up bar. After breakfast each day, we lived at that pool. We swam, drank mojitos, took naps and completely forgot the “real world” existed.

The best part was having time to do what we wanted. Sebastian played volleyball and ate burgers from the beach grill. I read by the pool and took walks along the beach. And we both loved swimming in the Caribbean Sea together.

When the pool closed for the day, we’d head back to our room to get ready for dinner. Each night we tried a different restaurant. Our favorite was The Jungle, a restaurant on the beach serving traditional Dominican food. We tried goat, rice and beans, fried chicken, plantains and shrimp. It was amazing.

The resort provided an entertainment show each night, but we never went. Instead we walked along the pier, listened to live Jazz music in the lobby or spent time talking and laughing. Those are the moments I love the most when we’re together.

On our last morning, we woke up early to watch the sun rise and take one last walk along the beach. We were sad to go, but both agreed we wouldn’t mind coming back.

Interested in visiting the Dominican Republic? We both highly recommend Dreams La Romana Resort.

Our next trip will be in September. I’m visiting Germany for Oktoberfest in Munich! Can’t wait!

One Response to “Life could be a lot worse”

  1. Uncle Bob 06/22/2012 at 3:46 pm #

    It’s so fun to see you’re being able to see other parts of the world. That was the best part of a military career (seeing how the other three-forths of the world lives). You’re right – Things could be a lot worse… Love ya and hug the big guy when you get to Munich for me – Love Uncle Bob

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