Twenty thirteen

14 Jan

After a brief hiatus here, and a much-needed break from work, I’m back at it. The holidays were wonderful, and I find it hard to believe that everyone is gone. I keep thinking my brother is across the hall or Sebastian will be here when I get home from work. I know it’s not true, but it would be oh so lovely if it were. In the meantime, I’ve been finding things to distract myself, and yesterday it finally hit me – a new year has arrived. Wasn’t I just writing a resolutions post last year, and then boom, 2012 is gone.

I can’t complain though, it really was a fantastic year. I started getting back in shape, continued growing as a young professional and of course did some awesome traveling. However, realizing  I turn 25 this year (when did that happen!?) I can’t help but want to make this one even better than the last.

This is the year I want to make things to happen. This is the year I want to do things for me and not feel guilty about it. This is the year I want to make myself the best I can be. In a nutshell, this is the year I need to grow up. Even though I’ll always be a kid at heart, at 25 I can’t pretend I’m a kid anymore. My life is happening, and I don’t want to stand back as it plays out in front me. I want to take the reins and show life the way.

I have big plans this year. I hope you’ll stay along for the ride. Cheers to 2013!


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