A new look

17 Mar

You might remember way back in July, when I wrote this post. I was frustrated with the look of my blog and was hoping to make some updates. Not wanting to fork over the cash for a redesign, I started playing around with CSS. It was overwhelming, but I learned a lot.

The look improved, but I was still never quite happy with it. Toss in a free Saturday this weekend and some awesome updates from WordPress and you have the new look of The Wild Child.

I’m still not 100 percent finished with it, but it’s definitely more me. And I think it has a more grown-up feel to it. What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xoxo

One Response to “A new look”

  1. Uncle Bob 03/17/2013 at 10:12 am #

    Hey, your blog is great! Such a nice not to get on St Patty’s Day! Glad you had a great time in Pheonix. Too bad “You Know Who” couldn’t join you! I love all your blogs. Glad you keep me in “The Loop”! Love you, Ur Unc.

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