Locking our love

27 Sep

I have a confession. I LOVE doing uber touristy things. For example, taking my picture with the I Amsterdam sign. Or posing with horse statues. Sebastian, on the other hand, does not. He does them for me (because I force him). So you can only imagine how often I put him outside of his comfort zone – and Paris was no exception.

Pont_des_ArtsWhile researching for our trip, I discovered there was a bridge in Paris, the Pont des Arts, where you could “lock your love.” I’ve since found out there are several cities where you can do this, but needless to say, it was something I was determined for us to do in the City of Light. The goal is put your initials on a lock, lock it to the bridge and toss your keys over the side into the Seine River. Before I left, I bought said lock and decorated it with our initials.




Pont_des_Arts_lockAlthough our second day in the city turned out to be cold and rainy, I made sure we found the bridge. The Pont des Arts itself is incredible. There must be thousands of locks – something truly heartwarming. You could really feel the love and those who had come before us. We set out to find a place for our lock, performed our little ceremony and tossed our keys into the river below.




Pont_des_Arts_standingWas it cheesy? Oh yes. Did I love every second? Of course I did. Even though our lock might not stay there forever, it’s nice to know we left a little piece of ourselves in Paris.

Up next: Palais des Papes

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