Cheer up buttercup

13 Feb

I’ve been seeing a few posts lately on how to beat the winter blues and thought I would share my own two cents. I’m no stranger to winter weather, but this year has been particularly brutal. Frigid temperatures and piles of snow make me want to curl up under my blankets and never leave the house.

Here are a few ways I try to overcome seasonal depression:

  • Pick up some fresh flowers. They will instantly brighten your room.
  • Treat yo’ self and get a manicure or a facial.
  • Work out to release some endorphins and feel happier.
  • Embrace the snow and play in it. Go ice skating, sledding or skiing.
  • Spend time writing letters. It will give warm fuzzies to people receiving them.
  • Clean out your closet and get organized for spring.
  • Make travel plans and daydream about all the amazing places you’ll go.

Fresh #flowers |

In case you’re wondering, 34 days until spring. I’m counting!

One Response to “Cheer up buttercup”

  1. Pat 02/13/2014 at 7:26 am #

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to try the facial n manicure. I’ve been walking an dancing ,cleaning out closets, I get a rose every week, but can’t quite enjoy the snow. N ice except to shovel my walks. Love you

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