Vacation rentals

22 Dec

Although we enjoy staying at hotels, Sebastian and I really like renting apartments on vacation. We love feeling like locals, plus rentals typically have more space and are less expensive.

If you’re new to the rental scene, some of the well-known sites are Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway. We prefer Airbnb and have stayed at some pretty awesome places.

This duplex near Avignon, France, was so lovely. The owners, Emma and Herve, were beyond great, and we loved cooking meals at night and relaxing in the garden.

Rental in #France |

Avignon rental apartment #France  |

Rental duplex in #France |

The apartment we stayed at in Rome was perfect – just a few blocks from the Vatican and not far from a Metro stop. Our host, Cory, was so sweet. He even provided us with a map of the city with restaurant suggestions.

Rome Kitchen  |

Rome Apartment  |

Airbnb has some awesome roundups if you’re looking for a truly unique vacation. Here are some of the places I’d love to stay:

Treehouse in Hawaii

Treehouse  |

Converted train caboose in Malibu, CA

Caboose |

Houseboat in Amsterdam

Houseboat |

Clock tower suite in London

Clocktower  |

If you could stay anywhere, where would you choose?

P.S. All photos are from Airbnb, except the one with Sebastian.

One Response to “Vacation rentals”

  1. Uncle Bob 12/22/2014 at 9:22 am #

    Hey Wild Child, really enjoy your posts. Keep them coming! Also, pass along my hello’s to the “Big Guy”. Been quite a while since I’ve seen him. Don’t know when I’ll be back that way again. Hope all is well and have a great holiday! Love ya – Uncle Bob

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