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Where I’ve been

20 Nov

First, let’s all enjoy this photo of my Dad “swimming” in Lake Erie last year and forget I’ve been a bad blogger. Deal? Cool.

Lake Erie Frozen |

Fall flew by in the worst way possible. I swear it was just summer last week, and now I’m bundled in wool walking in a winter wonderland. At least I’m not in Buffalo, NY. Can I get an amen?

But seriously these last few months flew by. So what have I been up to exactly?

A family trip to Colorado Springs, CO.

Colorado Springs |

Running a half marathon. My first!

Half Marathon in Akron Ohio|

Pumpkin picking.

Pumpkin Picking |

Several Cavs games. Go LeBron!

Cavs game |

LeBron James |

Halloween with my favorite person.

Halloween |

Weekends on Lake Erie with cousins.

Lake Erie |

Buying a new car! Woot woot!

New car |

A great getaway in Chautauqua, NY.

Card games |

And two awesome weeks with this guy.

Sebastian |

Now hopefully I’ll be getting back to some regularly scheduled programming on here. Stay tuned!

Taking time off

8 Aug

Hello there friends! I know it’s been a while – totally my fault. I decided (without even saying anything… oops) to take some time off from blogging. I wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to continue doing, but after some serious reflection, I decided I’m not ready to give it up yet.

Not to sound whiny, but blogging is VERY time-consuming. But it’s also something I really enjoy, so let’s continue documenting my life, okay? Okay. (The John Green fans will get that reference).

Are you wondering what I’ve been up to this summer? In between work and a couple awesome trips, I managed to book every weekend with some sort of plans, which made the months absolutely fly by. I can’t believe it’s already August… oy vey!

At least I can say it’s been a fun summer so far!

I attended a couple of Indians games with the fam. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but the games are always a blast. Throw in dollar hot dog night… I rest my case.

Indians Game #Cleveland |

Indians Game #Cleveland |

I participated in the Cleveland Electric Run with my friend Carlee. It was the most expensive photo opportunity, because you don’t really run, but we had a great time. We killed it with our dance/run moves.

Electric Run #Cleveland |

Electric Run #Cleveland |

Electric Run #Cleveland |

I attended my first ever NASCAR race thanks to a work trip. This was something I never wanted do, but it turned out to be an amazing experience. Hang out in the pit at a NASCAR race. Put it on your bucket list.



I haven’t been to Cedar Point in years, but I made it there for a day this summer. What a cool place. Seriously, how lucky am I that one of the best amusement parks is close enough for a day visit? Damn lucky.


Cedar Point |

Cedar Point |

Cedar Point |

Have you ever taken a painting class? I went to one with a couple of girlfriends and we had an absolute blast. Using your creativity and drinking wine? Yes please.

Art Class |

Art Class |

I celebrated my 26th birthday this week, and it was such a lovely day. I seriously can’t wait for the year ahead – have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

Birthday Cake |

And summer isn’t over yet! I still have many weekend plans in August and more travels to share, so stay tuned :-)

Hello April

1 Apr

I can’t remember the last time I was this happy see a new month arrive. March came in like a lion and went out like a lion hopped up on drugs. I can only hope April will get its crap together and finally gives us the warmer weather we’ve been waiting for. Please don’t make me spend another month in tights, scarves and boots. I’m ready for pretty sundresses and sunglasses.


OK, enough about the weather. Here are some highlights from March…

Best Part

Sebastian was here three out of five weekends. We’ve lucked out with him visiting in between work trips to the states. I was so spoiled being able to see him so often – and it was beyond great having him here.

Favorite Things I Did

I visited my friend Lindsay at the beginning of the month and we spent an afternoon at an indoor trampoline park. Best. Decision. Ever.

Defty Gravity, Durham #northcarolina |

I also spent quite a few weekends at home visiting family. We hosted a Sunday morning pancake breakfast, complete with homemade maple syrup. And I caught up with the other side of the family at my Uncle Denny’s surprise 60th birthday party. Both were awesome – filled with good food and good company.

Favorite Thing I Ate

Sebastian and I made brunch plans at Sweet Pea Cafe when he was here a few weekends ago. I gave up meat for lent, so I opted for the California omelet with egg whites, avocado and tomato. It was pretty fantastic.

California Omelet |

Places I Visited

Chapel Hill, NC, for a bff weekend and Kalamazoo, MI, for a wedding.


I started CrossFit this month. It’s intense, and I’m still getting the hang of it, but I’m loving the community atmosphere.

Books I Read

My book club finished The Fault in Our Stars in February, and we read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in March. I’ve heard good things about the Divergent series, so might pick that up this spring.

Favorite Instagram Photo

Instagram Selfie |

Looking Forward to Most in April

I can’t wait to spend Easter weekend in Boston with my parents. Love it when I get quality time with the fam. And I’m excited to take my CrossFit program to the next level this month.

Cheers to what’s ahead!

image 1 via

Third blogiversary

22 Feb

Happy three years to my blog! I spent some time these past few weeks reading through old posts, and I noticed how much I’ve changed since I first started writing. Three years ago I was 22 years old, less than a year out of school, living with my parents, unsure of myself and incredibly insecure at times. The early part of your twenties is super uncomfortable. You’re trying to find your way, supposedly part of the adult world but not really feeling like an adult.

I’m aware more than ever of how important your twenties are for self-discovery. In my first blog post I shared this line: Your twenties are foundational years and should not be wasted or lived unintentionally. It truly is a decade of growing up. It’s funny each year how much you change. I know who I am. I can see how much I’ve matured. I’m more comfortable in my skin.

And I feel proud of the chances I’ve taken.

I decided to make a long-distance relationship work – something that’s been anything but easy. In fact, looking back at old posts, there were times when I was downright miserable. Part of this was the uncertainty of it all. But distance is not for the weak. I’ve learned to trust my heart.

I’ve left jobs (good jobs with awesome co-workers) in pursuit of feeling more fulfilled. I was always looking for the next opportunity to grow. Becoming complacent wouldn’t help me improve. I’ve used my early career to explore different jobs and find what’s right for me. Find what makes me happy.

I also spent money on travel. And while this could have gone to savings or designer purses or a car payment – I have an appreciation for the world that I otherwise wouldn’t. Travel has been my liberator. It has changed me more than anything else. I’m still amazed at how much of the world I have yet to see.

Photo via Unsplash

So happy blogiversary! And thanks for staying along for the ride.

P.S. In case you’re interested, my first blog post, first blogiversary and second blogiversary.

image via Unsplash

Be mine

14 Feb

Whether you’re getting pampered by your man, having a girls night out or staying in, eating ice cream, watching rom coms – Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you.

Hate Valentine's Day - someecards

Sochi Olympics - someecards

Funny Valentine's Day - someecards

Annual Obligation - someecards

And a special shout out to zee German – you know I’m crazy about you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


all images from someecards

Cheer up buttercup

13 Feb

I’ve been seeing a few posts lately on how to beat the winter blues and thought I would share my own two cents. I’m no stranger to winter weather, but this year has been particularly brutal. Frigid temperatures and piles of snow make me want to curl up under my blankets and never leave the house.

Here are a few ways I try to overcome seasonal depression:

  • Pick up some fresh flowers. They will instantly brighten your room.
  • Treat yo’ self and get a manicure or a facial.
  • Work out to release some endorphins and feel happier.
  • Embrace the snow and play in it. Go ice skating, sledding or skiing.
  • Spend time writing letters. It will give warm fuzzies to people receiving them.
  • Clean out your closet and get organized for spring.
  • Make travel plans and daydream about all the amazing places you’ll go.

Fresh #flowers |

In case you’re wondering, 34 days until spring. I’m counting!

Welcome 2014

13 Jan

The new year always seems to sneak up on me. It’s not until a couple of weeks in that I realize I’m writing a new number at the end of the year, and when this happens, I like to reflect on all that took place. 2013 was an incredible year. At the beginning of last year I wrote, “This is the year I want to make things to happen. This is the year I want to do things for me and not feel guilty about it. This is the year I want to make myself the best I can be. In a nutshell, this is the year I need to grow up.”

Looking back, I feel like I did make things happen and finally did some things for me. I started a new job at a fantastic company, and I feel happy at work again. I moved into my own apartment, no roommates, no parents, just me. I ran my first 10K. I celebrated three years with my wonderful boyfriend. I turned 25. I tried some different experiences like celebrating the Passover Seder and going on my first hot air balloon ride. And I did my favorite thing, I traveled. Oh did I travel. I kicked off the year in Florida with Sebastian, enjoyed a quick trip to Arizona, stopped in Pittsburgh for a girls weekend, discovered Arkansas for the first time, walked the streets of Paris, drove through the South of France, spent quality time with my family in Colorado, checked out Milan and fell so in love with Rome.

Looking forward, this is the year I want to continually strive to find joy in life. The world has so much to offer, and I intend to take whatever it will give me. So yes, 2013 was great, but I have a feeling 2014 will be just as great. Cheers to 2014!

san antonio river walk


16 Dec

Although we haven’t celebrated the Southern solstice yet, it’s safe to say winter has arrived in Northeast Ohio. The truth is I don’t really mind the snow, and I enjoy all the sports that come along with the season. Skiing and tubing are always a blast, but my favorite is definitely ice skating.

the wild child ice skating

The instant I’m on the ice, I feel like a kid again back on our pond in Newton Falls. Winter was always a fun season in my family. My dad took us for snowmobile rides through our fields and pulled us behind the tractor on the “giant sled.”  We went sledding on our barn hill, built snow men in the front yard, and of course had epic hockey games on our backyard pond.

I’ve been ice skating since I can remember, and it’s something I’ll always love. I have such fond memories of gliding across the pond, racing from end to end. I wasn’t the best with a hockey stick, but I was a good, little skater.

the wild child ice skating akron

the wild child ice skating rink

I recently discovered that Lock 3 in Akron offers ice skating during winter. If you’re looking for something to do with the family, it’s only $3 to rent skates and free if you have your own. It was great to be skating again, and you can bet I’ll be back before the rink closes in February.

the wild child ice skating skates

Cheers to the winter season and all the magic it brings. Happy gliding!

Fall is gone

13 Nov

We had a fairly mild fall season for northeast Ohio. Most days were filled with colorful leaves, sunshine and warmer-than-usual weather. But winter has officially arrived, and I already miss the longer hours of sunlight. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some snow, but this autumn was extra enjoyable. Here are a couple of things I’ll miss for a while:

{hiking in the woods}

the wild child hiking

the wild child waterfall hike

the wild child hiking waterfall{afternoon boat rides}

the wild child water

the wild child boats

the wild child boat ride{hanging out in parks}

the wild child chess park

the wild child afternoon park{evening campfires}

the wild child camp fireI won’t miss fall for too long. Winter means pretty snowflakes, hot chocolate, warm sweaters and Christmas.

Cheers to a new season!

An unexpected afternoon

27 Aug

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes it’s alright. I recently agreed to run in a marathon relay with some of my aunts. Realizing we’re not too far from race day, my Aunt Theresa suggested we all walk a 5K together and finish at a local winery for its annual balloon festival. You know, a good team-building activity. We all decided to participate and met on Sunday to “train.”

I had every intention of walking to the winery, having a glass of wine, relaxing for a couple of hours and then driving back to my apartment. But after we finished the course, and found a great spot under a tree, it became clear the afternoon was just beginning.


We tried different wines (my favorite was the white wine sangria), and soon everyone was laughing and having a great time. My goofball Dad got creative with the face painters.




And in true Dad fashion, he talked some random guy into joining in the fun.


IMG_4125After we’d been there a couple of hours, my Uncle Ron suggested we all put money in a kitty, put our names in a hat, and send whoever won on a hot air balloon ride. Everyone agreed, and I did too, never thinking I would actually get picked. Before I knew it, I was scheduled to go up in a hot air balloon.





I have to admit, this wasn’t something I had on my bucket list. I’m sort of afraid of heights. As the balloons started filling with air and lifting up, I was filled with excitement and nerves. The takeoff happened so quickly. One minute I was snapping photos and the next my pilot was telling me to hop in the basket. And then we were floating above the crowds, drifting off into the sun.




You can’t steer hot air balloons so we just floated where the wind took us. The views were incredible – something I’ll never forget. I also loved how excited people were on the ground. You could see cars pulling over to watch and people waving up to us. It was an amazing experience.





After we drifted a while my pilot found a spot to land, and then it was over. A truly unexpected afternoon – the best kind there is.