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A new look

17 Mar

You might remember way back in July, when I wrote this post. I was frustrated with the look of my blog and was hoping to make some updates. Not wanting to fork over the cash for a redesign, I started playing around with CSS. It was overwhelming, but I learned a lot.

The look improved, but I was still never quite happy with it. Toss in a free Saturday this weekend and some awesome updates from WordPress and you have the new look of The Wild Child.

I’m still not 100 percent finished with it, but it’s definitely more me. And I think it has a more grown-up feel to it. What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xoxo

Happy blogiversary

22 Feb

Today marks the second birthday of this here little blog. It’s funny to look back at that first post and see how far I’ve come in two years. I can honestly say life keeps getting better and better. I’m excited to see what’s in store for me next.


Cheers to what’s ahead!


Christmas memories

25 Jul

Merry Christmas in July! Christmas was and still is, without a doubt, my favorite holiday. There is something truly magical about Christmas morning, and the joy during that time of year is contagious. I love the music, I love the season and I love sharing time with my family. I am always so sad when the day is actually over. A couple of times growing up, I was lucky enough to celebrate Christmas twice.

My Great-Aunt Georgie owned a cabin at a campground near Lake Erie. Almost every summer we’d spend a few days there with my Grandma. And some years, we’d get to be there during Christmas in July. You see, the people who owned cabins at the camp were pretty close. They’d spend a good majority of the summer together, yet didn’t see each other very often during the year. In order to enjoy the holiday season together, they started celebrating Christmas in July.

They’d decorate the camp grounds with lights and red bows. Some people wore reindeer ears and Santa hats. There were even little gifts for all the kids. One year, someone put together a Christmas scavenger hunt, and it was awesome. I’ll always remember those summer days by the lake.

So when I saw an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July again this year, I couldn’t pass it up. Daryl, Alyx and Cecilia were kind enough to put together a fun blogger gift exchange, and I was paired with Lauren from Pink on the Cheek.

Lauren sent me some great gifts. I received running socks and cute colorful hair ties – both will come in handy as I keep training for races. She also sent Essie nail polish (my favorite!) and a set of pretty earrings. I love everything – it’s like she read my mind!

Thanks to Daryl, Alyx and Cecilia for putting this together, and thank you Lauren for the thoughtful presents. Merry Christmas!


3 Jul

I really want someone to redesign my blog. I’ve found some amazing designers out there, but I just can’t afford it. So instead of forking over the cash, I’ve started playing around with CSS. It’s challenging and often makes me look like this:

But it’s also fun when I figure something out. So if you notice some changes around here, it’s because I’m trying to update my blog design… on my own. On that note, if you have any helpful tips/tricks, I’d love to hear ‘em!

Here’s to learning new things!

Christmas in July

19 Jun

The blogosphere is a wonderful place. You can learn new things, find new passions and read about some really interesting people. Seeing as I have a love for Germany (and a certain German), I often search for bloggers who write about the country – especially expats in Germany.

This year, I’ve come across some amazing bloggers who detail their life abroad. We’ve never met, but through their posts I feel more connected to the country where Sebastian lives. I even get a small taste of what my life could be like someday (if I ever make the move across the pond).

Anyway, I was super excited when Daryl from Roots, Wings, and Other Things posted about Christmas in July. What is Christmas in July, you ask? It’s a blogger gift exchange hosted by Daryl, Alyx and Cecilia! Each blogger who signs up will be paired with another blogger, and we’ll exchange gifts in July. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Christmas. The opportunity to bring some holiday spirit to summer is just awesome.

I love finding the perfect gift, and I’m excited to see who I’ll be paired with. But I’m even more excited to think about what my surprise present might be.

Maybe some adorable tili bags

or Essie nail polish, my favorite! I love the colors from their latest collection.

No matter what present I receive, it’s a great way to meet new bloggers and have a little fun this summer. What about you? Would you like to celebrate Christmas in July? Make sure to sign up by June 20!

My blogiversary

16 Mar

{world traveler}

Somehow my blogiversary slipped by without me realizing it. Last year, I started sharing my thoughts here, not really sure what I would get out of it. It has become somewhat therapeutic for me. It’s nice to sit down and write what I’m thinking, and it’s fun to look back on what an incredible year it was.

In my very first blog post, I wrote a list of ten things to do in my twenties. And for my blogiversary post, I think it’s fitting to look back at that list and see how I’m doing.

1. Travel – In 2011 I wrote that I wanted to see the world, and I started doing just that. Since that first post, I’ve not only traveled to Germany, but Spain and the Netherlands as well.

2. Learn a foreign language – This is much harder than I thought it would be, but I haven’t given up yet. For awhile I was getting quite good at German grammar, and conquered a pretty long list of German vocabulary. But life became busy, and I stopped doing my lessons. I’m ready to start again though, so we’ll see how I do the second time around.

3. Develop an active, healthy lifestyle – I’ve definitely become more aware of what I’m eating and actually prefer healthier options. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Shamrock Shake every now and then, but it’s all about moderation. And I have to say, I’m much more active than I was last year. I currently play on an indoor soccer team, and I signed up for another 5K in April. Man, I sure love me some 5K’s.

4. Start a blog – I’m pretty sure I can check this one off the list. My goal this year is to post more than I did last year. I think I’m up for the challenge.

5. Create a monthly budget – Based on my bank account, and the ability to afford my travels, I’d have to say I conquered this list item. It was hard at first, but now I’m capable of setting a budget and sticking to it. And the key is sticking to it.

6. Learn to cook – I still make a mean grilled cheese – does that count? I mostly blame my poor cooking skills on living at home. Why cook when there is already dinner on the table? I know I’ll get better with this at time, maybe not this year, but somewhere down the road. At least I can bake!

7. Live overseas – This is still a dream of mine. After traveling overseas, I definitely feel this is an experience I want to have. Although I don’t see it happening soon, I have a hunch it will happen one day.

8. Live on your own – It’s been a year and I’m still hanging out with Mom and Dad. I don’t ever view it as negative though. I’m saving money, and more importantly, spending time with my family. I won’t ever look back on this time and regret it.

9. Live in a major city – One of these days it will happen – just like living overseas. Maybe I’ll knock out two birds with one stone. Berlin, anyone?

10. Surround yourself with good people – This is still one of my favorite things on the list. I’ve made it a priority this past year to rid myself of negativity and spend time with the people who matter most.

So as you can see, I still have things to accomplish on my list, but I’m happy with where life is going. Around this time last year I was heading to Chicago to visit my sister for St. Patrick’s Day, and today I’m heading to Columbus to visit my sister for St. Patrick’s Day. Even as things change, they don’t really change at all.

Cheers to all the things I will continue to do in my twenties – and to another year of blogging.