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Third blogiversary

22 Feb

Happy three years to my blog! I spent some time these past few weeks reading through old posts, and I noticed how much I’ve changed since I first started writing. Three years ago I was 22 years old, less than a year out of school, living with my parents, unsure of myself and incredibly insecure at times. The early part of your twenties is super uncomfortable. You’re trying to find your way, supposedly part of the adult world but not really feeling like an adult.

I’m aware more than ever of how important your twenties are for self-discovery. In my first blog post I shared this line: Your twenties are foundational years and should not be wasted or lived unintentionally. It truly is a decade of growing up. It’s funny each year how much you change. I know who I am. I can see how much I’ve matured. I’m more comfortable in my skin.

And I feel proud of the chances I’ve taken.

I decided to make a long-distance relationship work – something that’s been anything but easy. In fact, looking back at old posts, there were times when I was downright miserable. Part of this was the uncertainty of it all. But distance is not for the weak. I’ve learned to trust my heart.

I’ve left jobs (good jobs with awesome co-workers) in pursuit of feeling more fulfilled. I was always looking for the next opportunity to grow. Becoming complacent wouldn’t help me improve. I’ve used my early career to explore different jobs and find what’s right for me. Find what makes me happy.

I also spent money on travel. And while this could have gone to savings or designer purses or a car payment – I have an appreciation for the world that I otherwise wouldn’t. Travel has been my liberator. It has changed me more than anything else. I’m still amazed at how much of the world I have yet to see.

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So happy blogiversary! And thanks for staying along for the ride.

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A new look

17 Mar

You might remember way back in July, when I wrote this post. I was frustrated with the look of my blog and was hoping to make some updates. Not wanting to fork over the cash for a redesign, I started playing around with CSS. It was overwhelming, but I learned a lot.

The look improved, but I was still never quite happy with it. Toss in a free Saturday this weekend and some awesome updates from WordPress and you have the new look of The Wild Child.

I’m still not 100 percent finished with it, but it’s definitely more me. And I think it has a more grown-up feel to it. What do you think? Love it? Hate it?

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! xoxo


3 Jul

I really want someone to redesign my blog. I’ve found some amazing designers out there, but I just can’t afford it. So instead of forking over the cash, I’ve started playing around with CSS. It’s challenging and often makes me look like this:

But it’s also fun when I figure something out. So if you notice some changes around here, it’s because I’m trying to update my blog design… on my own. On that note, if you have any helpful tips/tricks, I’d love to hear ‘em!

Here’s to learning new things!

The one where we all grow up

26 Jun

My little brother leaves tomorrow for the United States Air Force Academy. We all knew he’d be leaving, but I can see my parents aren’t ready. And I’m not either. It’s a different type of feeling that’s hard to put into words. We aren’t sad he’s going. On the contrary, we’re really proud and excited for him.

I thought maybe it was because we’ll see him less often, but that’s not it either. We’ve all spent time apart at one point or another. I think what it comes down to is his departure marks a new chapter in the story of our family. This is the chapter where we all grow up.

Sure, my sister and I have been out of college a few years and both have steady jobs and steady boyfriends. But we always knew we could come back home, hang out with our little Joey and feel like kids again. Things are different now; my baby brother is an adult. Yes, we’ll still have awesome times together (and I’ll still act like a kid), but it won’t ever be like it was.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. In the next few years we’ll each be finding ourselves and starting our own families. It’s exciting and scary and wonderful. And that’s what the weird feeling is – change. Maybe we don’t feel ready for it, but we are.

So to Joey: Thank you for being my inspiration to dream big. You truly are an amazing person and bring so much joy to our family. Never stop following your dreams. We’ll all be rooting for you, kid.

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I heart my family

27 Mar

This past weekend was a rare instance. After my sister’s short stint of living at home, and then moving to Columbus, it’s been awhile since the five us have hung out together.  It made me realize how quickly life changes.

Just yesterday, I was playing in the backyard with my siblings, fighting over whose turn it was on the tire swing. Fast forward to now, both my sister and I have full-time jobs and my brother is about to graduate high school.

And things are about to change even more. We found out last week that my brother was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy. For someone who has dreamed of this since he was 12 years old, it is incredibly overwhelming, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

If you’re not familiar with the USAFA, let me brag a little. The laws governing appointments require that you have a nomination to attend the Academy (but that doesn’t mean you’ll be accepted). Joe received two nominations, one from Congressman Tim Ryan and one from Senator Sherrod Brown. Now that he’s been given an official appointment, my brother is part of an elite group of individuals. He will receive a top-notch education for free, with a scholarship valued at more than $415,000. It’s incredible, and I’m so happy for him.

It also makes me realize how much things will continue to change over the next few years. Moving forward, it will always be a rare occasion when the five of us are together. That’s why I’ll relish moments like this past weekend. We all sat around the kitchen table telling stories, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. When it comes to my family, it doesn’t get much better than that.

So cheers to my amazing brother and all the exciting changes ahead. It will only make the times we spend together that much better.

{Who would have thought the dork on the right would be a USAFA cadet?}