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The truest friend

13 May

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” – Washington Irving

I find Mother’s Day a little silly. We go through all this trouble to thank the woman who brought us into this world, when it’s something we should be doing on a regular basis. I have so much to thank my Mom for, and there’s no way I could possibly do it in one day. I feel so blessed for having such a strong, loving, beautiful person in my life.

So to my Mother on this day, thank you for everything – for rocking me to sleep when I was crying, for never judging the decisions I make, for putting up with my wild shenanigans, for loving me unconditionally and for always being there when I need you most. You truly are a gift.

I love you Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

{me and my Mom}


23 Feb

Every time Sebastian visits, I find it hard to believe he was actually here. Was it really just Monday that he was sitting next to me? He was and it was the best surprise visit EVER.

Now that he’s back in Germany, there are a lot of things I already miss, but the thing I miss the most is his laugh. It’s the one sound that can instantly bring a smile to my face and make me laugh too. There’s nothing like being goofy with someone and laughing together.

When it comes to relationships, find someone who makes you laugh.

laughterimage via

Valentine’s surprise

15 Feb

Sebastian is a special guy. He remembers the important days and always goes out of his way to do something sweet. Because of this, I was expecting him to do something thoughtful for Valentine’s Day. When I received flowers at the office, it was really nice (especially since they were my favorite – tulips), but not a huge surprise.


{beautiful tulips}

But then he called to tell me that although nothing was confirmed, he might be in the States on Thursday. Once I got over the initial shock, I realized that Thursday was in two days! I couldn’t even believe it.

And then I got the confirmation this morning – Sebastian will be here TOMORROW!

Best Valentine’s Day ever.

love quote

image 2

The most wonderful time of the year

24 Dec

I’m sitting in the living room with my family, waiting to head to mass.

Tonight I am happy.

Christmas is here, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

So from my family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

{happy holidays}

{welcome to our world}

images 1, 2

One big, happy family

30 Oct

It’s been almost a month since Grace moved home. I can’t say it’s been easy, but slowly but surely we’ve started adjusting to having everyone at home. And so far, it’s been nice. Like tonight for example. We all sat down and had Sunday dinner together. This is something we used to do back in the day, and I forgot how great it is.

I’ve also been spending a lot more time with my sister. We’re only 20 months apart, so we’ve always been close. However, with her living in Chicago we haven’t been able to talk as often as we’d like. So needless to say, it’s been nice hanging out and doing things together.

A couple weekends ago we ran a 5K and this past weekend we celebrated Halloween together. All in all it’s been good, and I’m looking forward to what else these next few months will hold.

In other news: SEBASTIAN IS COMING FOR THANKSGIVING! 18 days and counting. I can’t wait!

running{running the 5K}

halloween{happy halloween}

Random Friday

14 Oct

This is the post where my sister moves back home for three months, and all five of us are back together. I never thought this day would come, but by random chance my entire family is living at home again. My brother is here because he’s still in high school, me because the rent is cheap and my sister because she took a temporary position in Ohio to be home for the holidays.

It will be nice to have all of us together, but it will also be very interesting. I foresee some sibling arguments, squabbles with the parents, and a lot of fun having everyone under one roof.

On another note, tomorrow is the big 5K I’ve been not at all somewhat training for. Even though I’m not expecting a great time, it will feel good to be running again. Here are two other things that made me smile this week.

My little brother was crowned homecoming King! We were all really excited for him, and to top it off, his football team won their first game.

the king{the king}

The second thing is Sebastian might be coming to visit for Thanksgiving! Nothing is set in stone, but I am beyond excited. And to round out my random thoughts for the night, here’s a little quote that will get me through the race tomorrow. Happy Weekend!



2 Aug

I’m having trouble blogging this summer. It probably has something to do with all the glorious weather we’ve been having (and the fact that my computer doesn’t go well with the pool). I also think it’s because I’m lacking some structure with this blog. So, I’m going to do a little experiment and see if it will increase the amount of times I post. I’ve come up with a schedule. The beginning of the week I’ll post  a weekend recap, mid-week I’ll post something random and the end of week I’ll post about things that made me happy that week.

Lately, I’ve felt more negative than usual and not myself. I’m hoping the weekly happy post will remind me that life’s not so bad and there is plenty to smile about. And now since this post is the beginning of the week, here is my weekend recap.

On Friday night, I did absolutely nothing. Honestly, it’s what I normally like to do on a Friday night. By the end of the week I’m tired, and I like to relax and watch some mindless television (and of course Skype with Sebastian). It was great, and I went to bed early. I slept in Saturday, but had a busy day ahead of me. I cleaned, did laundry, got my oil changed and still managed to catch some rays. That evening, I went to my great Aunt and Uncle’s 50th anniversary party. Everyone gathered to celebrate many years of love and friendship. It was a Luau theme with plenty of margaritas, piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris. And my Aunt and Uncle were very cute to watch. I hope I’ll be lucky enough to celebrate 50 years some day.

Me and Kelsey[me and my cousin Kelsey]

Aunt Georgi and Uncle Dave with their daughters: Debi and Kelly[the Mills family – Kelly, Debi, Uncle Dave, Aunt Georgi]

family photo[family photo – the Roberts side]

Sunday  began with church, and then my Mom and I headed to a bridal shower for my best friend’s future sister-in-law. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Afterwards, I came home to talk to Basti, take a nap and get some work done before Monday morning. I try to not work on the weekends, but every once and awhile it happens. And finally, I topped off the night by watching the premiere of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Then it was time for bed to get some rest for the week ahead.

*I promise Germany – part two will happen this week! Promise!

Germany – part one

20 Jul

It’s still hard to believe that only five weeks ago, I jumped on a plane and headed to Germany. My trip was over in a flash, and now I’m back to the weekly grind. But the memories are still fresh, and I’ll hold onto them closely until I get to see Sebastian again. So here it is, a look back on my trip to Germany.

On June 9, I headed to the Pittsburgh Airport ready for a long day of travel. My flight to New York was delayed, which wasn’t a big deal because my flight out of JFK didn’t leave until 9 p.m. I arrived at JFK, had a new boarding pass issued, purchased some water (it was crazy hot in that airport) and sat on the cool floor to check my e-mail. The hours passed quickly, but unfortunately, a thunderstorm hit New York right around 8:30 p.m. We boarded the plane anyway and sat on the tarmac for another two hours. Singapore Airlines was amazing though and made sure everyone was comfortable. They came around with blankets, pillows, snacks and anything you wanted to drink. Needless to say, my seven hour flight ended up turning into a nine hour flight. By the time I landed in Frankfurt, I was so happy to be off that plane. I grabbed my carry-on and headed to customs and then on to baggage claim (but not before stopping  to freshen up – nine hours on a plane does nothing for one’s appearance).

The first picture we took together

Minutes seemed like hours waiting for my bags to come, and finally I saw my last one, grabbed it and headed through the doors. I scanned the crowds and found what I was looking for – my boyfriend, waiting for me. We both just smiled, walked toward each other and then he gave me the longest hug. (It’s weird how some of my favorite moments have taken place in airports). We stood there for another ten minutes and then decided we should probably leave the airport. First we exchanged some of my traveler’s checks for Euros and then went to Wiesbaden for some pasta from Vapiano, and a quick stop at the train station to pick up his roommate, Marc. Then we headed for his apartment in Oestrich-Winkel (which I lovingly refer to as the OW) to relax before the big Friday night dinner.

Around 6 p.m., Sebastian’s family (Mr. Blumenthal, Mrs. Blumenthal and his twin brother Thomas) arrived at his apartment. So did Max’s sister Amelie (Max is Sebastian’s other roommate). All of us headed to this lovely little winery to meet up with Marc’s family and Max’s parents. The rest of the night was a blur as the jet lag began to set in. But I had a nice time, and as far as I could tell, so did everyone else. However, after all the wine, and German conversations I couldn’t quite follow, I was definitely ready for bed.

We woke up early on Saturday to head back to Wiesbaden for the graduation weekend extravaganza. The day started with Mass. To be honest, I have no idea what denomination the church was, or if it was technically Mass, because the entire service was in German. I probably would have fallen asleep except Lukas, Sebastian’s good friend, was sitting next to me and kept “translating” the speech. According to him, it was a rant about the United States, which included phrases like “death to America” and “that Satan country” and “may they all burn in hell.” It made me laugh and kept me awake. There were also some nice musical intermissions from the EBS band (a student band named after the university: European Business School), and the songs were in English. My favorite song, however, came at the end of Mass when we all stood and sang “Oh Happy Day,” which the pastor mentioned was from the acclaimed movie “Sister Act.” Don’t get me wrong, they did a really nice job, but I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

Sebastian and Thomas after Mass in Wiesbaden

After Mass, we headed to the Kurhaus for the graduation ceremony (you can read about it’s history at the link). Straight from the Kurhaus website it says, “The Wiesbaden Kurhaus, a site of marvellous historical architecture combined with up-to-date conveniences is an experience by itself, a successful synthesis, a harmonious blend of beauty, functionalism, and recreation facilities.” And they aren’t lying – it’s gorgeous inside and out. I was happy to sit and take in the surroundings (especially since my heels were starting to kill me). I sat between Mr. Blumenthal and Thomas and waited for the ceremony to begin. All of a sudden loud music started playing and the graduates began walking in to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song (and no, I’m not joking). It was dramatic and interesting and defintely different from the usual “Pomp and Circumstance.” However, shortly after the big entrance, my jet lag started kicking in again, and I almost fell asleep a few times. Luckily, Mr. Blumenthal decided to translate parts for me, so I was able to enjoy some of the ceremony. Thomas and I also had a nice time laughing about the music choice while the diplomas were being awarded (it was like carnival music from a merry go-round). And finally, Sebastian walked up on stage to receive his diploma. He looked really happy, and I was proud of him.

The traditional hat toss after graduating

So after 250-some students received their diplomas (which lasted a little longer than it should have), we were finally done and ready to enjoy the day. We headed out into the main room to eat pretzels, drink champagne and force Sebastian to take many photos (which my camera-shy boyfriend was not all too happy about). And then we went outside to the Biergarten (beer garden) to spend the afternoon in the sun.

The happy graduate - one of the nice pictures he took

Enjoying the biergarten

Around 2:30 p.m., I headed to my hair appointment. That evening we were attending the graduation ball, complete with tuxedos, evening gowns and a fancy dinner. I was not going to do my own hair. Sebastian’s friend Sonja was kind enough to make an appointment for me and even translate for the hairstylists how I wanted it done. It was a nice salon, and my hair looked great, but I was a little shocked by the price: 90 Euros! I didn’t understand why it was so expensive, but they simply told me it was because they had curled my hair. I politely cursed them out handed over the cash. It did look really great, so I got over it quickly. It even turned out to be a funny joke as the boys kept reminding me how much my hair was worth.

After my hair was done, we headed to the hotel to finish getting ready and then headed back to the Kurhaus for the graduation ball. It was spectacular. The evening began with more champagne and continued pleasantly from there. The food was great, the never-ending supply of wine was fantastic, the entertainment was entertaining, and I had a wonderful time. It almost made we wish I had gone to their school… almost. After the four-hour dinner, with entertainment intermissions, the real party began. Most of the parents left for the night, and the rest of us headed across the hall for the dance party/drink fest. I met many of Sebastian’s classmates, laughed a lot, drank too much and even danced a little (after Sonja and Amelie dragged me out on the floor). I honestly can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. We finally made our way back to the hotel around 3 a.m. and called it a night.

The three kings of the OW (Basti and his roommates Marc and Max)

Inside the Kurhaus ballroom

My favorite picture from the night

The next morning we awoke with slight headaches, but still in great moods from the previous evening. We checked out of the hotel and headed to the EBS campus for a graduation brunch (like I said – weekend extravaganza). I was a little sleepy, and out of it, but it was a beautiful afternoon outside and the brunch was nice. We stayed for about two hours and finally went back to the apartment to relax a little. But not for too long. Sebastian and I were flying out at 3:30 a.m. for Mallorca, Spain, and we still had to pack for our trip.

We did manage to squeeze in a coffee break with some of his friends and dinner that evening at a little Italian restuarant. There was even some excitement when Max realized he had left his passport in Munich… when he was flying to Morocco with Marc the next day. He sorted it out though and everyone went to bed. Sebastian, the smart one, went to sleep while I decided to stay up. I finished packing and finally crawled into bed shortly before my alarm would go off. I couldn’t sleep though. It was a wonderful weekend, and I was too excited for our vacation in Spain. (More to come in part two!)

Side Note: When you visit another country where you don’t know the language, it is extremely intimidating and even overwhelming at times. I want to say thank you to a few special people who have never treated me like an outsider and have always been so welcoming: Mr and Mrs. Blumenthal, Thomas, Lukas, Kathrin, Max, Marc, Sonja, Amelie, Tobias, Johannes and of course, Sebastian. You guys are the best!


8 Apr

Dating someone from Europe can definitely have its perks. In Ohio, people head to Florida for warmer weather. In Germany, you head to Majorca, Spain.

Check out these pictures of where I’ll be from June 13 to June 16.

Majorca, Spain

Majorca, Spain

Majorca, Spain

They are so pretty, I just had to share. Happy Friday! :)

Days until Germany: 62

Give Me a Ticket for an Aeroplane

27 Mar

Give me a ticket for an aeroplane
Ain’t got time to take a fast train
Lonely days are gone, I’ma goin’ home
My baby just wrote me a letter

I bought my ticket to Germany! On June 9, I will board a plane headed for Frankfurt to spend nine days with Sebastian. I am beyond excited. If anyone was ever curious, long-distance relationships are unbelievably difficult. Every week is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs.

This week, I was having a rougher time than usual. It’s been more than two months since Sebastian left for Germany, and it’s safe to say I miss my boyfriend.

So, this plane ticket couldn’t have come at a better time. Hitting the confirmation button definitely brought a smile to my face and reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel (or end of the plane terminal).

Let the countdown begin! Days until Germany: 74

In front of the Brandenburg Gate

Me and Sebastian at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.