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Holiday Gift Guide: Travelers

28 Nov

Traveler Gift Ideas  | www.the-wild-child.com

Are you out enjoying the madness of Black Friday? I’m inside with my family watching movies and staying warm. I’d rather do a little online shopping than face the crowds. If you are out and about, here are some gift ideas for the traveler in your life:

  1. Gorgeous weekend bag for the perfect getaway, $120.
  2. Scratch map to keep track of their travels, $19.
  3. Travel journal to document their journeys, $18.
  4. The New York Times Europe guide, $32.
  5. Cute passport holder, $35.
  6. 4-in-1 adapter because you always need one, $25.
  7. Luggage scale to keep them in check, $20.
  8. Personalized luggage tag to prevent baggage claim guessing, $25.
  9. Mini steamer for a polished look anywhere, $35.
  10. Noise canceling headphones for obvious reasons, $99.

Anything you would add to the list? Happy shopping!

‘Tis the season

5 Dec

Can you believe it’s only 20 days until Christmas?! I can’t, but I’m so excited. This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. I love the music, I love the atmosphere and I even love the snow. And since it’s December, I decided that is was time to get into the holiday spirit. I spent the past weekend Christmas shopping and pulling out the decorations.

For the second year in a row, I took the liberty of decorating the artificial tree in our piano room. The theme is purple because it’s one of my favorite colors. I think it turned out pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. We still have all the other decorations and the real tree to put up, so this should be a very fun week.

And in other BIG news: I’ll be spending New Year ’s Eve in Germany! I fly out December 25 and stay until January 2 (more details to come). I am, as usual when it comes to seeing Sebastian, beyond excited. It’s hard to wipe the smile off my face. Happy Holidays!

Say yes to the dress

18 Apr

I decided to start looking for dresses to wear to Sebastian’s graduation ball this past weekend. I’ve been searching online for some time, but nothing really compares to going to stores and trying them on.

Pink Poofy Prom Dress - courtesy Google Images

Pooftastic Prom Dress - courtesy Google Images

The search turned out to be quite challenging. This time of year, it’s prom season in America. While there are many dresses to look at, the majority are brightly colored, poofy and covered with beads. And while my own senior prom dress fits this description, I needed something a little classier for the graduation ball.

Even at The Winner, a store filled with hundreds of gowns, I had difficulty finding any that I really liked. I left empty-handed, feeling defeated and not really wanting to keep looking. But, I decided to make one final stop at my local mall.

I was browsing dresses at Dillard’s, not really finding any, when I saw my dress. It was simple and elegant, and perfect for the graduation ball. And when I tried it on, it felt like it was made for me. I can’t find any pictures of the dress online (and I’m too lazy to take one), so you’ll just have to wait until June to see it. But, I promise it won’t disappoint.

Days until Germany: 52