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Bye July, a recap

4 Aug

July Recap | www.the-wild-child.com

Traveled to: My cousins’ cabin in Westfield, New York (near Lake Chautauqua) for the loveliest 4th of July weekend. Think hiking, canoeing and the most incredible ribs.

Read: I unfortunately didn’t read much in July. At the end of the month I started The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens, and I’m really into it so far.

Watched: Trainwreck, which was crazy funny, and Ant-Man, which was better than I expected. I’ll also willingly admit I went with some girlfriends to see Magic Mike XXL. I laughed way more than I thought I would.

 Activities: Spent several weekends outside boating, swimming and enjoying the gorgeous weather with my family. There was much time on the water, and I loved it. Lake life is the life for me.  

Ate: Copious amounts of sushi with my BFF Lindsay and her boo Keshav. I love unassuming places with really good food, and Sakura never disappoints.

Purchased: It’s my birthday in a couple of days, so I decided to treat myself. Scored these shoes and this sweater at the Nordstrom anniversary sale and bought my favorite scent from J.Crew.

Worked Out: I started taking classes at the newly opened office gym. I’ve surprised myself with how much I enjoy spinning and the group workout programs. My goal is to get up to 5 days a week. I’m at about 3 right now.

Cooked: My parents always have a kick-ass garden, and since I have limited space for my own garden, I love when they gift me with fresh produce. I used the zucchini they gave me to make zucchini pancakes.

I’m loving summer and all it brings. Welcome, August!

Anatomy of a summer weekend

13 Jul

Friday night: Indians game

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Saturday: Family picnic and fireworks

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Sunday: Cedar Point with your best friend

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

Progressive Field | www.the-wild-child.com

This has probably been one of the fullest summers I’ve had in a while, with every weekend busting at the seams. I love having plans and spending time with family and friends, but it’s making the days fly by at an alarming rate. Before we know it the season will be over. I’m doing my best to squeeze in as much as possible before it ends.

Taking time off

8 Aug

Hello there friends! I know it’s been a while – totally my fault. I decided (without even saying anything… oops) to take some time off from blogging. I wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to continue doing, but after some serious reflection, I decided I’m not ready to give it up yet.

Not to sound whiny, but blogging is VERY time-consuming. But it’s also something I really enjoy, so let’s continue documenting my life, okay? Okay. (The John Green fans will get that reference).

Are you wondering what I’ve been up to this summer? In between work and a couple awesome trips, I managed to book every weekend with some sort of plans, which made the months absolutely fly by. I can’t believe it’s already August… oy vey!

At least I can say it’s been a fun summer so far!

I attended a couple of Indians games with the fam. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but the games are always a blast. Throw in dollar hot dog night… I rest my case.

Indians Game #Cleveland | www.the-wild-child.com

Indians Game #Cleveland | www.the-wild-child.com

I participated in the Cleveland Electric Run with my friend Carlee. It was the most expensive photo opportunity, because you don’t really run, but we had a great time. We killed it with our dance/run moves.

Electric Run #Cleveland | www.the-wild-child.com

Electric Run #Cleveland | www.the-wild-child.com

Electric Run #Cleveland | www.the-wild-child.com

I attended my first ever NASCAR race thanks to a work trip. This was something I never wanted do, but it turned out to be an amazing experience. Hang out in the pit at a NASCAR race. Put it on your bucket list.

#NASCAR | www.the-wild-child.com

#NASCAR | www.the-wild-child.com

I haven’t been to Cedar Point in years, but I made it there for a day this summer. What a cool place. Seriously, how lucky am I that one of the best amusement parks is close enough for a day visit? Damn lucky.


Cedar Point | www.the-wild-child.com

Cedar Point | www.the-wild-child.com

Cedar Point | www.the-wild-child.com

Have you ever taken a painting class? I went to one with a couple of girlfriends and we had an absolute blast. Using your creativity and drinking wine? Yes please.

Art Class | www.the-wild-child.com

Art Class | www.the-wild-child.com

I celebrated my 26th birthday this week, and it was such a lovely day. I seriously can’t wait for the year ahead – have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.

Birthday Cake | www.the-wild-child.com

And summer isn’t over yet! I still have many weekend plans in August and more travels to share, so stay tuned :-)

Summer lovin’

15 Jul

It’s been one heck of a crazy summer so far. Between weekend outings, family parties and getting a new job, I feel like I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath. I’m not complaining though! I love summer and all the fun it brings.

Here are just a few of the things I’ve been up to this season:

Baseball games


Making summer dishes


Spending time together



Watching fireworks


Going to Rogers Market


Enjoying campfires


Launching lanterns


Eating hotdogs


Attending concerts


Going to the fair


I love this time of year, and I’m super excited for all the other things I still have planned. Cheers to summer!