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Happy Thanksgiving!

26 Nov

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Where are you celebrating turkey day? I’ll be spending it with my family, eating pumpkin pie and enjoying time with my siblings. So happy they’re both home for the holiday. What a treat!

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what we already have, so I thought I’d share just three of the things I’m thankful for this year (because in reality there are many):

  1. My incredible family, including the most supportive parents in the world and two of the coolest kids to call my sister and brother. Seriously, you guys rock.
  2. My sweet boyfriend who laughs at my jokes and calls me munchkin pie. I can’t imagine my life without him.
  3. The opportunity to see the world. I feel so lucky that I continue to travel and discover new countries every year.

And in case you need it, some links to get you through the work day and in the turkey spirit:

Hope you have a delicious day and weekend! xoxo

How to win a turkey

29 Nov

The fire department in my hometown puts on a fundraiser every year called the Turkey Raffle. Don’t be confused by the name – they literally raffle off frozen turkeys. But it’s more fun than it sounds. The turkeys are raffled off in quick, five-minute rounds, and the winning ticket is chosen by a large number wheel. Your goal is to buy tickets before the wheel is spun at the end of each round. If you bought a ticket with the right number, you win!

Step 1: Find yourself a ticket guy.

Step 2: Buy some tickets.

Step 3: Wait for wheel to be spun to see if you won.

Step 4: Wheel is spun and winning number is announced.

Step 5 (a): You have the winning number. Go up and get yourself a turkey.

Step 5 (b): You didn’t win. Throw your tickets to the ground in frustration.

Step 6 (a): If you lost, go buy yourself more tickets.

Step 6 (b): If you won, go buy yourself more tickets. You can never have too many turkeys.

The Turkey Raffle was quite an experience, especially for our visiting friends from California and of course zee German. We had an awesome time though and walked away with no less than six turkeys. This may or may not have been why we cooked three for Thanksgiving this year. Oh well! Gobble gobble!