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Where I’ve been

20 Nov

First, let’s all enjoy this photo of my Dad “swimming” in Lake Erie last year and forget I’ve been a bad blogger. Deal? Cool.

Lake Erie Frozen | www.the-wild-child.com

Fall flew by in the worst way possible. I swear it was just summer last week, and now I’m bundled in wool walking in a winter wonderland. At least I’m not in Buffalo, NY. Can I get an amen?

But seriously these last few months flew by. So what have I been up to exactly?

A family trip to Colorado Springs, CO.

Colorado Springs | www.the-wild-child.com

Running a half marathon. My first!

Half Marathon in Akron Ohio| www.the-wild-child.com

Pumpkin picking.

Pumpkin Picking | www.the-wild-child.com

Several Cavs games. Go LeBron!

Cavs game | www.the-wild-child.com

LeBron James | www.the-wild-child.com

Halloween with my favorite person.

Halloween | www.the-wild-child.com

Weekends on Lake Erie with cousins.

Lake Erie | www.the-wild-child.com

Buying a new car! Woot woot!

New car | www.the-wild-child.com

A great getaway in Chautauqua, NY.

Card games | www.the-wild-child.com

And two awesome weeks with this guy.

Sebastian | www.the-wild-child.com

Now hopefully I’ll be getting back to some regularly scheduled programming on here. Stay tuned!